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Welcome to Isabella's Place!

For Christmas we decided that we would build Isabella her very own outdoor playhouse!  A very excited me just couldn't wait to get started!! My mind went into overdrive with all the ideas of what I could do on the inside, what colours I wanted to paint it, all the cute and pretty things I could get for the house.  I was just willing December to come around.  My next mission was to some how keep it a secret from my little munchkin! Hmmm .... Thanks to my lovely mother inlaw, the munchkin was ship to nan's for a extended sleep over.  We ended up having only 2 days to put the house up, paint the inside and out and also furbishing it.  Gosh, thinking back now I don't know how we managed to get everything done!!  Hubby and I was working like little crazy people!!   by:  Vanessa